Welcome to the Church Planting Center Website Intake Survey

Complete all questions so we can build your website and collect as much information as possible to provide you a basic website.  Are you ready?     Lets go!
What is the Pastor's First Name? *

What is the Pastor's last name? *

What is the name of the church? *

What is the address of the worship gathering?

What time do you meet?

Please describe the activities/vision/mission of your new church?    Give specific details, activities.

Describe your strategy for the new church to reach people?  Short and sweet.

What is the domain you would like to choose for your church?

Domains should not be more than 15 characters in length.  An example of a domain is www.CrossRoadsLI.org.
Main homepage menu bar selections (pick 4-5):

Describe what will be under each main heading or your homepage?

For example, if your 4 main headings on your menu are: I'm New, Next Steps, Giving, and Contact, what are the submenus for those main headings?  For example: I'm New:: About us, Meet the Team, Statement of Faith, Attend a Service.  Or if Next Steps was the heading:: Gospel, Newcomers Reception, Membership, Groups, and children would be under it.  If Giving:  Giving page, Link to Giving would be listed under Giving.  Under Contact Us: Form to contact church.
Paste a welcome to guests, service times, and other info that would give a guest to your website a feel for your new church?

Paste content for pages about the church, mission, vision, team biographies, etc

Paste content about Children, Students, other groups and community activities.

Make sure to label what pages will get what content.
Paste other content on giving, discipleship, groups, or other ministry pages you would like?

Paste other content on next steps, baptism, membership, partnership, newcomers classes or groups?  Paste a Gospel presentation or link to a Gospel presentation you would like to feature.

Please describe some of your preferences in website design?

Please share color preferences, colors to avoid, picture preferences, anything that you would like to see reflected in the site (if possible).  Please know that the site provided is a BASIC website and limited to about 20 pages.
Other comments that would help us complete your church website?

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